Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm very proud of my Baby

Okay, I have to dote for a minute. Isn't that the prettiest smile you've ever seen? Yeah, well, I'm biased, but tough. Its my blog LOL. Guess who made it into the Masters Program!! I'm so proud of her! She moved for a better life, alone, and she's making it happen. For five months she's been busting her tail (and sometimes literally!) and she doesn't quit. In another 65 days or so my transfer will be done, and I'll get to kiss her everyday again! Needless to say, I'm way excited, and patience has NEVER been a virtue I had much of. Isn't that the most beautiful smile you've ever seen? Yeah, and how I managed to catch her I'll never know. Granted, it only took twenty-five years or so, but, whos counting, right? I just know the rest of mine are hers if she wants them. We've been apart 5 months, with a week visit in there, and I think missing her has gotten worse since I got back here. But, 68 days, its over. I never thought I'd be in love again, and then I saw her, and there it was! Her smile caught me and I was hooked. I was married once before, and it lasted 4 years, and thats including the dating time. She and I, we've hit 3 years, and I'm doing things I was sure I'd never do again. Lol, I've gotten so used to talking to her before she goes to sleep that now when I'm at work, and she texts me goodnight, I feel awful. I hate missing the chance to talk to her. Lol, and I was doing so well being the strong tough guy lol. Anyway, I'll quit blabbering. Just wanted to take a moment and say how proud I am of you, Baby, and I can't wait to sleep next to you every night!!

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  1. I love you too baby. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Is it just me or has time been going slower since you left? There has to be a way to make the days go by faster. I miss kissing you goodnight