Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lets Dance!!


Here's a few to get you on your feet!!

dancing in your living room yet?

How about now?

On your feet yet?

What about now??

If that don't do it, nothin will!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Screw this place, screw this valley, screw this state. I'm fuckin done. Piss on california and all its bullshit. And piss on these dirtbag ass people. Rampage 46 out

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday--R Rated for language and partial nudity


this ones just fun!!

The Official theme song to the Field Artillery, even with everyone else in this one

This one gets me everytime, for the simple reason, I've almost been this guy a few times

this is just cool, and the damn song is always stuck in my head

ANother one that gets me everytime. And yes, I've been this guy!

I warned you! This one's awesome!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music Monday- Bands that start with "M"


Alright, here we go! Oh, and since there wasn't a rule about wheether we were supposed to use first or last names, I went with last. Enjoy!!

This one is never good to play while I'm driving. Mysteriously makes my foot hit the floor

Good song

Great song to get you pumped up!

Great for the pre-Rodeo trip!

Not only do I like it, but I think you need a little culture right about now.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something to blow your mind

Okay, I love learning programs. Discovery, History, all those type channels usually get my attention without any effort at all. Yes, I have a thing for military history, but thats for another time. I'm flipping channels, and like most males of our species that I'm aquainted with, I watch at least two programs at a time. Don't ask me why, all I can say is I hate commercials. So the one on the television now is called "Journey to the Edge of the Universe". Its about the universe, its formation, make-up, life cycle, things of that nature. The thing I find intriguing is wrapping my mind around the concept of just how small we really are. We're on one planet, and for those that have traveled any, its a pretty big thing to us. Now, one step up is 8 more (yes, I still count Pluto) just in our solar system. Next step up? Think of what makes our solar system. Best guess is 50 BILLION solar systems, just in our galaxy. So, if you put in another way, our planet is our house. Our house is on a block called the solar system. Now, if each system is its own block, we'd have 50 billion blocks in our city. Thats not counting the stars forming, the planets off doing their own thing, yadda yadda. I like to wrap my mind around concepts like that sometimes. Makes you realize how insignificant some of the little things we spend soooo much time worrying about, doesn't it? Granted, I'm not going to worry about them any less. But its kind of fun to occupy my mind with now and again. All of human history, even Earth's history, spans what, a few hundred million years? A Galactic Year, which is when our solar system makes it around the center of the galaxy once, takes 250 million years. So, basically, all the life on this planet has happend in a year. Kind of wild, isn't it?
Then, just in case I haven't given you fits yet, think of travel time. To go between our house and our closest neighbor, would take 214 days. Thats slower that a snail takes to travel 10 miles. LOL, no, I'm not sure about the snail thing, but it sounds about accurate. To travel from one end of the block to another? Right around 24 years. That will have moved your odometer about 3.5 Billion miles. Thats just our block! LOL, and I bitch about the hour it takes to get to work! But there's a new hot rod on the block. NASA launced a probe in 2006 thats billed as the fastest vehicle ever invented. It should reach Pluto sometime in 2015. Talk about significant cut to drive time! Makes me wonder if they'll come up with something to haul people before I die. LOL, Told you my mind wandered

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music Monday

okay, I'm sucked into it. This is too fun! And thanks to Xmasdolly for the Spotlight Dancer award! Makes me feel better about dancing around the house for the last hour!

Love this song

Used to sing this on the way home from missions

makes you think of the rest of the world like its not so far away, doesn't it?

I sing this song allllll the time

Yep, I like rap. sometimes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few more I wish were still around

And here's some more, just because I'm a dork

Had to do it

Okay, some old favorites that I wish were still around

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another one....

Don't ask, I have no idea why, but I can't get this song out of my head LOL

something fun

Sorry Y'all

Oaky, I swore to myself that I wouldn't use this thing as a bitch and whine forum. I wanted to start some intelligent discussions, more thought provoking stuff, things like that. But I need to vent, and there's not really anyone around, so I'm gonna do it here. So, if you don't feel like listening to me complain anymore, just skip this one, because I'm gonna go on for a bit.
So, day started like any other. Got up, checked some emails, took the dog out, jumped on the treadmill for a bit, and then my phone rings. Okay, first, a little history. My unit is going out for the annual two week summer trip next week. But they're leaving for three. No big deal. The manifest of who's going came out in May, and I wasn't on it. Their excuse? "well, since you're not officially qualified for the job you've been doing for a year, we can't take you". Spent the next 60 days trying to convince everyone in my unti that my capabilities would be of awesome benefit, but alas, to no avail. So, I accept that I'll be missing oout on right around $2300, which is what I'd make on this trip. Not going to mention how badly I need that money. So, fast forward to this morning. Phone rings, its my sergeant. Wants to know if I still want to go, because he may be able to get me on the manifest. Seriously? You wait until a week out for this? I pleaded my case for months, and every member of my unit said No, and you call me a week out?? When the only way I could possibly go is to lose my job??? I did that once before for this unit, when they needed me. I went on short notice, lost my job, and spent the next three months finding another. Yes, I may not like the civilian job I have, but its MONEY, and I need it. And now, when there's no way for me to go, you ask if I want to?? HOLY SHIT!! How many times can I get fucked over in this damn unit!! I bend over backwards and bust my ass 22 hours a day for these people and this is the thanks I get? They've cancelled 11 of my school applications because they said I needed a security clearance. Come to find out, I have no need of one. None whatsoever. So for the last 14 months, I've been denied 11 schools because they're misinformed. Really? I got cancelled for the 12th, with the excuse "You have to have a security clearance to be an MP". Umm, DUMBASS, I"M NOT AN MP AND NEVER HAVE BEEN!! NOR HAVE I EVER WANTED TO BE!!! How hard is it for someone to read a piece of paper? Its on the second line, for fucks sake!! I know the reserves have their issues, its to be expected. Seems like the only ones that take anything seriously and act like this is the military are a couple of the Command Level Officers, and a ton of the lower enlisted. The middle? Yeah, theres two. The rest couldn't give a fuck less. It doesn't matter to them that by not doing their jobs, we get bent over a barrel and rammed in the ass. No wonder my hip hurts so much lately. After getting bent over so much in the last year, its a wonder my pelvis hasn't seperated! And what can I do about it? NOT A DAMN THING! Oh how I miss the days of the E4 mafia, when a group of us highly motivated specialists could accomplish anything, no matter the odds. Fuckin "army of one" assholes. So, after 11 missed schools, about $30,000.00 in lost wages, what do I have to show for it? Not a damn thing. I might have a school date in october, but after everything thus far, you'll excuse me if I don't put any hope into it. All I have to do is put up with 6 more, and my retirement is complete. Lets hope I find a better place to be, before I get busted down again for telling people what I think of them. But, on the bright side, being this pissed off all day long, I've managed to burn off just about 2000 calories according to the treadmill. Thats not including the time spent chopping 3 foot logs with my axe, nor the cleanup afterwards. Apparently, when I swing an axe, the woodchips tend to fly rather far. Found a few halfway down the driveway. Pretty good, considering the driveway is 50 yards long, and the wood I'm chopping is in the BACK yard

Friday, June 17, 2011

Holy Flying Assmonkey's!!

Nothing of real value, I've just always wanted to write that. Ever had any insanely nonsensical phrases you really wanted to write in public or put in a book, just for fun? Thats one of mine. Another that goes along the same line is one that I've always sworn I would use when I write my biography. It's going to be the very first line of the very first chapter. "There I was, no shit, true story." FOr those military types, you've heard it before. Its kind of a joke, one of those "I had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes" type of things. Just something fun, no real value. Anyway, have an awesome weekend! "Holy cat shit Batman!!" Sory, had another one

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shit I Hate Sunday

Shit I Hate..........Stupid people too damn lazy to do their jobs, thereby making my life hell
Shit I Hate..........Getting screwed over again and again because of the aforementioned assholes
Shit I Hate..........That I work as hard as I do for as little money as I do
Shit I Hate..........Not being near a pool after long days. I could really use it!
Shit I Hate..........Being forced into stagnation over something simple that I could fix myself, but instead have to depend on others that are completely unworthy of trust, and repeatedly fail me
Shit I Hate..........Being annoyed and pissed off enough to rant on here LOL

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Okay, so most people know how I am about remembrance type days. Memorial Day is no exception. Its a day when most people don't even think about why the holiday exists, they just go out and do what they do. I honestly don't expect much more than that from the general population. Most are too wrapped up in their own little worlds to care about anyone else. And the service members who've given everything for something they believe in would probably not worry too much either. Those of us in the military who've lost friends, know this is part of what we signed up for. But what I wish, more than anything else, is on this day, you remember their families. The ones that have to continue life without their heroes at home. The kids who will never get to hug Mom or Dad again, the parents that will never get to hug their children, the spouses, especially the spouses, who have not only lost their worlds, but must continue to be the strength for the children, driving on as best they can, with broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken love. I've lost friends and loved ones in my life, everyone has. But the pain the spouses and families bear is beyond my imagination. They continue on, doing what they must, while in their minds and hearts is a void that cannot be filled. So this weekend, send a prayer to the lost heroes that have given their lives, and then give hugs to the nearest military families you can find, and thank them, hug them, buy them a drink, whatever you feel is right. Its Memorial Day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Something new

So, got onto the subject of religion the other day with a friend. We were discussing the many forms and ideas associated with various religions across time, and the world as well. It occurs to me that while I may not believe in many of them, their base ideas are quite similiar. All of them seem, at their very basest core, to be about being good people, taking care of each other, and living life in the best of ways. It astounds me, though, on how, when they expand on these base ideals, they go so far as to reach the point of insanity. Intolerance of others, violence towards those with different views, destruction of all other religions for no other reason than total control, its just crazy. Now, I'll never say that religion is wrong, nor is it a bad thing. On the contrary, I think it serves a wonderful purpose for most people, and I am a huge proponent of leaving each to their own beliefs. For me, however, I find it difficult to fully accept many of the religions. I've seen enough research, delved into a few of them, and know enough history to know that many of them simply added many of their teachings, values, requirements, etc, for control. Many of them simply started with a base, borrowed ideas and ideals from various other religions, and thus was formed an entire church. If you can get people to accept something, its amazing the type and amount of control you have over them. Going back in history, you see many cultures that accepted things like polyamory, bisexuality, homosexuality, idol worship, polytheism, and other practices, as not only acceptable, but completely normal parts of existance. But along comes one person that has issue, they form a religion, get a few followers, and BAM, suddenly what is normal is completely unacceptable. Nowadays, we have battles over marriage, sexuality, personal freedoms, who is deserving of what rights, its crazy. Why are there such huge battles over what is the correct form of thinking? Venturing back to religion, I'll use this example. I subscribe to the views of a religion called Asatru. It bases itself on something called the 9 Noble Virtues. There is no heaven or hell, and no sin. There is right and wrong. But, what is right depends on the circumstances, and the way you handle it. What is right in one instance can be totally wrong in the next. But you're judged on how you handle each, as well as your motives. As well, for us, God is not an omnipotent being, he is our ancestor. On the day of judgment, we shall atone for our actions to our family, and they will decide if we have earned entrance into Valhalla. But this also focuses us on this life, not the next. We are not concerned with the hereafter. Many would call it blasphemy, heresy, or other things. But, its my view. Right or wrong, I'll not change it, nor will I tell someone else its better than theirs. It fits my life, and my way of thinking. I do my best to accept people for what they are. I don't base my opinion on their religion, nor their views of the world. As a matter of fact, I find it quite wonderful to be able to have discussions with people whose views differ from mine. Its a dangerous thing at times, to be sure. But finding someone who can discuss their views without getting defensive is an awesome experience. Discussing differing viewpoints, why we believe them, what brought us to them, and just everything associated with them, I have found to be a wonderful experience. I've discussed religions with many, such as a Catholic Chaplain, a Rabbi, Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists, and a few others. We had wonderful conversations, and I'm proud to call many of them friends to this day. I've always thought if you just put the personal crap away, listen a little, you'd be amazed what you find. But, alas, most of humanity is emotionally driven, and I don't see it happening on a large scale within the next 5 or 6 generations. Too bad for us.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Lets the wild times roll! LOL! I've managed to secure another few jobs, and they sound pretty cool. Guess I'll have to find out. One involves travel around the state, but I get reimbursed for it, and at a really good rate! Had one crew leader call me already about the summer, which is awesome, being as its only January. Hopefully a few others follow suit LOL. But, still trudging along, busting my tail, working on improvements. They're coming slowly, I think. We all know I have absolutely no patience, but guess this is one way of learning it, right? The army is playing their games, which is forcing me to explore other avenues. I guess that might be coonsidered a good thing, seeing as a few of the applications I've put in for are amazing jobs that I would do well at. Hopefully I can show them that, between resumes, applications, and interviews. Just need to imporve my situation. Living here isn't a bad thing I guess, but honestly, I'm too old to be living with mommy and daddy. Least I'm getting things taken care of while I'm here, so its a good thing, albeit slightly annoying at times. Otherwise, I have high hopes for this year. Last year was rough, but I made it. Hoping this year brings good things my direction. Just gotta keep working at them, and hopefully they'll come, right?