Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday--R Rated for language and partial nudity


this ones just fun!!

The Official theme song to the Field Artillery, even with everyone else in this one

This one gets me everytime, for the simple reason, I've almost been this guy a few times

this is just cool, and the damn song is always stuck in my head

ANother one that gets me everytime. And yes, I've been this guy!

I warned you! This one's awesome!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music Monday- Bands that start with "M"


Alright, here we go! Oh, and since there wasn't a rule about wheether we were supposed to use first or last names, I went with last. Enjoy!!

This one is never good to play while I'm driving. Mysteriously makes my foot hit the floor

Good song

Great song to get you pumped up!

Great for the pre-Rodeo trip!

Not only do I like it, but I think you need a little culture right about now.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something to blow your mind

Okay, I love learning programs. Discovery, History, all those type channels usually get my attention without any effort at all. Yes, I have a thing for military history, but thats for another time. I'm flipping channels, and like most males of our species that I'm aquainted with, I watch at least two programs at a time. Don't ask me why, all I can say is I hate commercials. So the one on the television now is called "Journey to the Edge of the Universe". Its about the universe, its formation, make-up, life cycle, things of that nature. The thing I find intriguing is wrapping my mind around the concept of just how small we really are. We're on one planet, and for those that have traveled any, its a pretty big thing to us. Now, one step up is 8 more (yes, I still count Pluto) just in our solar system. Next step up? Think of what makes our solar system. Best guess is 50 BILLION solar systems, just in our galaxy. So, if you put in another way, our planet is our house. Our house is on a block called the solar system. Now, if each system is its own block, we'd have 50 billion blocks in our city. Thats not counting the stars forming, the planets off doing their own thing, yadda yadda. I like to wrap my mind around concepts like that sometimes. Makes you realize how insignificant some of the little things we spend soooo much time worrying about, doesn't it? Granted, I'm not going to worry about them any less. But its kind of fun to occupy my mind with now and again. All of human history, even Earth's history, spans what, a few hundred million years? A Galactic Year, which is when our solar system makes it around the center of the galaxy once, takes 250 million years. So, basically, all the life on this planet has happend in a year. Kind of wild, isn't it?
Then, just in case I haven't given you fits yet, think of travel time. To go between our house and our closest neighbor, would take 214 days. Thats slower that a snail takes to travel 10 miles. LOL, no, I'm not sure about the snail thing, but it sounds about accurate. To travel from one end of the block to another? Right around 24 years. That will have moved your odometer about 3.5 Billion miles. Thats just our block! LOL, and I bitch about the hour it takes to get to work! But there's a new hot rod on the block. NASA launced a probe in 2006 thats billed as the fastest vehicle ever invented. It should reach Pluto sometime in 2015. Talk about significant cut to drive time! Makes me wonder if they'll come up with something to haul people before I die. LOL, Told you my mind wandered