Monday, January 17, 2011


Lets the wild times roll! LOL! I've managed to secure another few jobs, and they sound pretty cool. Guess I'll have to find out. One involves travel around the state, but I get reimbursed for it, and at a really good rate! Had one crew leader call me already about the summer, which is awesome, being as its only January. Hopefully a few others follow suit LOL. But, still trudging along, busting my tail, working on improvements. They're coming slowly, I think. We all know I have absolutely no patience, but guess this is one way of learning it, right? The army is playing their games, which is forcing me to explore other avenues. I guess that might be coonsidered a good thing, seeing as a few of the applications I've put in for are amazing jobs that I would do well at. Hopefully I can show them that, between resumes, applications, and interviews. Just need to imporve my situation. Living here isn't a bad thing I guess, but honestly, I'm too old to be living with mommy and daddy. Least I'm getting things taken care of while I'm here, so its a good thing, albeit slightly annoying at times. Otherwise, I have high hopes for this year. Last year was rough, but I made it. Hoping this year brings good things my direction. Just gotta keep working at them, and hopefully they'll come, right?